Shalom Educating for Peace


Shalom welcomes anyone wanting to follow an internship, wanting a learning encounter or wanting to volunteer for whatever length of time. Feel free to email with Shalom for more information about cost, accommodation and the kinds of activities you could become involved with.

Possible Volunteer Activities

There are many ways to collaborate with Shalom’s ongoing work in Rwanda. Shalom works with each volunteer’s background experience and expectations to define individual internship goals. The following list mentions some of the possible activities a volunteer could be engaged in with Shalom Educating for Peace:

  •  Teach peace and nonviolence skills to school groups through Shalom curriculum.
  • Facilitate sports games (basketball, soccer) to train youth in Peace Education through Sports (PES).
  • Participate in a weekly radio program on the topic of peace and nonviolence.
  • Assist the local theatre and dance groups to train in Peace and Reconciliation Education through Song and Theatre (PREST).
  • Write for the Shalom blog, website, and/or newsletter.
  • Collaborate with local churches to carry out the Young Peacemaker Project with the children and youth of the churches.
  • Assist in reconciliation trainings in local Rwandan cooperatives.
  • Assist in resource mobilization such as grant writing and fundraising activities.
  • Participate in research projects with Shalom, including collecting data, writing reports and writing academic papers.

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