Shalom Educating for Peace

Volunteer stories


Sireh Jabang, from the Uppsala University in Sweden, volunteered with us in August, 2015. She helped us to develop the Living and Learning without Fear project and piloted a training session on this with local leaders and school authorities. Here is a brief report about the pilot project Sireh was involved in.


Michelle Aldridge joined us in October-November, 2014. Read more about her involvement in community dialogue and our Ubupfura project here.

Mathias Krams volunteered with us from August-September 2013. Read about his involvement in a school peace club and our joint project with Starbucks in cooperatives in this PdF report.

Elisabeth Schindler volunteered with us from February-April 2013. Hear about her intensive work with the Doctrina Vitae high school peace club in the YouTube video below.

Mark Scott joined us from January-February 2012. He was involved in numerous projects, including the peace club at Doctrina Vitae high school, writing grant proposals and reports, and assisting us with the planting of Rwanda’s first peace pole. Read his report about it here.


Natalia Welniak from Toronto, Canada joined us in July, 2011. She helped with training students and members of the Peace Club at Doctrina Vitae, the members of the youth group in Gako cell, and contributed to training teachers in Rulindo. She also contributed to the manual for our Peace Education through Sports (PES) project.


Mary Coffman volunteered with us in September 2010, promptly filled the much needed role of co-director and has never looked back since! Read more about her experiences here.

Joseph Terrel and Jess Engelbrecht were with us in June-July, 2010.

Megan Colnar was one of our very first volunteers, in July 2009.