Shalom Educating for Peace


Peace through Radio Program

Members of Shalom speak on a weekly community radio program in Rwanda, called Umcyo, where peace principles are discussed and debated and people can call in with their questions and comments.

Community for Peace

This is a holistic project aimed to impact various aspects of community life to bring about sustainable peace and reconciliation. We have been implementing this project in the Rulindo district of Rwanda where we have created a symbolic and literal space for peace by planting a peace pole. As part of this program, we hold regular PREST and PES events as well as training at various levels in the community.

Ubupfura Project

From our field experience, we have realised that corruption hinders peacebuilding efforts and undermines the process of sustainable positive peace. SEP has initiated a pilot project, under the name of Ubupfura, with the aim of developing anti-corruption education as a way of building positive peace. The project is being piloted in Rulindo, in the Northern province of Rwanda.

Resolving and Transforming Conflicts in Cooperatives

Self-help cooperative members are trained in conflict transformation skills. For more information on this, read volunteer Mathias Krams fascinating account of his encounter with Shalom’s training with Starbucks coffee growers.

Reconciliation and Peace through Theatre and Song

Shalom seeks to educate communities through the use of song and theatre. Choirs and communities are trained in peace and then create a repertoire of songs and plays that are performed for the community. We have held very successful events in various parts of Rwanda.

Peace Education through Sport

Through football or basketball, we teach participants the concepts of peace, conflict resolution and reconciliation. When conflict arises in a game, the opportunity is used to help the participants resolve the conflict using the tools they have been taught. We have held numerous PES events in schools around Rwanda.

Schools for Peace project

SEP has been working with school peace clubs in order to equip students with the skills to bring peace to their communities . Additionally, SEP runs a training called ‘Teachers for Peace’ to positively impact their ways of resolving conflicts while working with students.