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Newsletters and reports

2017: Report on the training of cooperatives with World Vision

2017: August Newsletter

2017: Report on the trip to Germany in May 2017

2016: Report on the African Commissioners Conference

2016: April Newsletter

2015: Report on Living and Learning Without Fear Pilot

2015: Report on Capacity Building with District Reconciliation Forums

2015: August Newsletter

2015: November Newsletter

2014: Report on the African Peace Summit

2014: Report on Self Help Cooperatives

2014: Report of trustbuilding training for Village Savings and Loans Associations

2013: October Newsletter

2013: June Newsletter

2012: Report on the Peace Pole ceremony in Rulindo

2012: March Newsletter

2012: Report on the unity and reconciliation week in Rulindo

2011: May Newsletter

2011: August Newsletter

2011: December Newsletter

2010: October Newsletter

2010: December Newsletter

2009: Report on SEPs World Peace Day event

2009: April Newsletter

2009: August Newsletter

2009: December Newsletter

2009: Rwamagana PREST Event Report

2008: August Newsletter

2008: November Newsletter